Other Opportunity – Dsy

Hmm, it is what makes me cancel whole plannings for my master degree.
It’s all about 2 weeks before my departure to ‘that new place’, I decide to stay at home preparing everything I need in the 2nd week of March. I plan to go out shopping and enjoy my quality time with family, because it will be long time to meet them then.

It is Saturday night when I suddenly remember about a workshop in Italy I applied last November. I applied for two activities and none of them send me the confirmation yet, beside, the program will be next two month. I put no hope and I think they probably have decided to take some participants and they have sent them confirmations and they didn’t need to send me. I also compare with my last trip to Germany that they confirmed me on May for September departure, it means we had 4 month for preparations. I estimate that the organizer of this program has confirmed their participant last February. Huff, I’m failed, but I don’t feel that sad, because I didn’t take seriously to apply before. I try to check their website for my curious mind and find no announcement about participants. Ok dsy, so no chance for you, keep on searching the other programs!! ^^

I then keep doing my routines, checking my inbox and some news website every 15 minutes, hehe, actually I don’t know what I am waiting for by doing that because I just need to update myself.
Still, there is still no new inbox.

Then I keep chatting with family while watching TV.
I open my emails next 15 minutes and find 1 inbox.

WOW, it is THEIR email.

Letter of INVITATION, oh my goodness, what is it?
I finally find that I get the chance to join one program but I don’t get the chance for other pogram, so, I will still go to Italy, hehe.

Noneed more than 1 minute to get permission from mom then I confirm them back that I will join.
So, what about my flight ticket and my master in Indo that I planned before? Huh, I swear you I forget it at all. I keep focusing on my trip to Italy, no wonder it is much better, hehe, further more, they will pay all my flight, I mean they will send me e-ticket, so I don’t need to spend a lot of money.

So I decide to cancel my flight, then I take other flight to Jakarta to take my new Schengen visa. Hmm, it is a miracle for me when I get this chance in my other moment of desperation. I don’t even know what God plans for me then, I just keep trying and praying for my best future.
So, next April 30th, I will get my flight with Emirates to Venice connected in Dubai. Hmm, it will be a great time because it is out of my expectation, no clear planning, it is like a gift for me, hehe..

So, my next post will be about Italy..

So, keep on writing dsy!! ^^


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