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Happy Birthday to me – Dsy

Happy Birthday to Me, wish Me get the best, best future, best friends, best sister and brother, best family, best heart, every best things ever ^o^

so the first birthday wish is from my self, perhaps I’m mature enough in my mind n heart ^o^

Hmm, I never realize that I’m this old already, wha, old enough, I think I have to get married soon, ;D

Tp gmn, yg mau ngelamar masih ga ada, hehe..

for me, it is just a number. A number of years I passed, so I need to know, how good I made it before. I realize that I have shorter time, shorter time for life, shorter life to pursue my goal, shorter way to my dream, shorter moments to enjoy, shorter time to pursue my future, but I’ll make them my better moments.
In this age, siapa yg nyangka, msh saja bkutat dg mimpi2, dg pjuangn mwujudknnya, dg harapn n doa yg mnyertainya..
Amiin ^o^
Masih pd detik ini, aq bkaca pd kemarinku, bahwa aq bukan lg gadis kecil, yg boleh cengeng n hanya bisa mengeluh. Aq skrg, adalah perempuan dewasa, dg segala pjuangnku..,

hmm, in this age, I wish every good things for me.
1. I wish to finish my current project in my best result. So keep on fighting for them,
2. I wish a better tomorrow for my friendship, wish I have more good friends and better time to go.
3. I wish for my better relationship with him. After realizing that we have to value our time, I now realize that we also need to value our moments. Wish he get the things he wants, as I wish 4 me, so we will end up in our good way. So, need to declare, I fall in love with U couple times dude. The time U left me was my worst tears, I found the hardest way to move on, but the time U come back make my smiles sparkle every time. Thank you n Good Luck for U too..
4. I wish a clear n sure way for me, that I have to be better, I’ll fight..
5. I wish to make my promise, big wish to be in Italy with friends, Raymond n Fatma next two months..
6. I wish to be ‘there’ next year, goodluck for me..
7. I wish d best 4 mom, wish me get ‘that’ dream so I can get U in that beautiful way..
8. I wish a happy future for bro n sist, get married soon guys, haha, coz I will do so, sooner, hehe..
9. I wish his presence then, coz I miss him so..
10. I wish a happy life for dad, there, that I always miss U, and pray 4 U, and struggle in every best ways to make U proud of me..

Huff, I still have a lot of wishes, so please say Amiin for me, hehe..

Back to my hibernation, cheers.. ^o^

keep on writing, reading, hibernating, struggling, Deasy..

I know that I’m just “NOBODY” but don’t they say that NOBODY’s perfect?


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