SocMed – Dsy

In my opinion, it’s sometimes right when people said, “social media life occasionally make you become antisocial in your real life”. I finally understand this statement and soon agree with these people.

We probably find that several people who is so active in internet society but they are not that active in their real life, and they sometimes put a border to whom they deal with in the real life. Although we can also find many other have balance social life in both societies.

Okay, let’s just leave this discussion for our sociologist . I prefer analyzing one of small space, Facebook. I was a FB user and I used to access this page all the time. I finally got bored without knowing the real reason, whether it’s caused of my long time usage, or the posts I found, or the people within this page, or their combinations.
My new society in Twitter can be one of things triggering me, because I sometimes think that Twitter has “higher class” than FB (at least for now, before I get bored afterwards). Hmm, I’m telling you that it’s just an opinion of mine

My first saturation point of FB rose up last December. I ever considered deactivating my account, but I canceled it, because FB with its good side related me with old friends I never met in my real life. It’s one of little advantage of my FB addict these 2 years. I also keep it active because this wall took me to someone whom I start to take interest in. It’s not deactivating time yet..

In the beginning of this year, I deleted most of my posts and kept a little part only, the most meaningful one. I also keep my photo albums, beside my exhibitionist mind (^_^), I also realized that I have spent much time (and lots of money ) to upload them. These albums are also a place for my friends and me, whom I tagged there, to keep our nice memories.

Besides, I also feel that FB is sometimes misused by people and it’s often alluding to others. One real proof is in event invitation like seminar or wedding invitation. I guess it would be comfortable enough when you are invited in “event invitation” page, isn’t it? We can also respond it directly, whether we will attend it or no.

One thing I am concerning in this case is when people invite you in unusual way. My friends often upload invitation letter and tag their friends on the uploaded image. I keep questioning myself; does it mean she/he invites me? Is it enough by tagging your friends’ accounts only? I then question more, what actually she/he’s intending us to do with those photos? Does she/he really invite us to attend her/his event? Or, is it a general invitation only, no matter we will come or no? Or, is it just an announcement? Then, what are we going to do? Will we attend the event because of the invitation photos? Or, will we only give “comment” under the photos, because we think it is just an announcement? Or, can we just ignore these tags, because it’s the same with other announcement put on a wall, or bus, and the only difference is their ’level’? Or, the worst thing we will do is removing our tag. Hmm, I don’t know which one you prefer to do then.

Mmm, I probably put myself in the last option, that I will remove my name, unless I get other private invitation, even if it is just a sentence without real invitation, I think I’ll appreciate it because it means much better for me. Most people can think that I’m too strict to do that, but in my opinion, tagging people is not inviting, yet. Beside, I also get disturbed with whole notifications appear in my inbox notifying that others give comments in that photos, uhh, too disturbing..

Once again I told you that it is just my personal opinion and everyone deserves to give any opinions they want.


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