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Hokudai Snapshots – Dsy

It is November 4th, and winter is about to come to our town..
I can see colorful leaves everywhere, tempting me to stop my bike and click for some snapshots. I have been to so many places between my busy day, and yes, my days are all about Hokudai campus, my laboratory, my classroom, International Student Center for Japanese class, and enjoying the warmth in apato at night.

Passing the road of Hokudai every single day, I do not realize that these paths are so beautiful, much more beautiful than what I look every day, and I am not yet having any autumn snapshots here, for this year autumn..

So, this cold morning, Stella and I set some hours to take a walk around, having some beautiful snapshots of our campus.

I would love to share it here, other points of view of my campus, beside its students, professors, laboratories and classrooms ^^

It is the ginko avenue of Hokkaido University, the main street in our campus. They all are ginko trees, that change from green to gold  and then fall at the end of autumn.
I am almost not realizing that I have never been really standing here and taking the picture, so here is our first stop, enjoying the sceneries, collecting snapshots together with many other visitor who also come and enjoy this road.
And today Hokudai nicely give a ‘car free day’ inside campus, so we can stand on the road, take as much pictures as we want, collect the leaves and enjoy the fall season all day long..

Seeing this beautiful scenery and imagining their color in the other seasons, I think I’d like to compare the view of this avenue for every seasons, the green ginko trees on summer and spring, and the whitey branches covered by snow on winter, will be nice ^^

*edited March 2013 :

Here I have the snapshots of winter and the view of ginko avenue, so I put both pictures to compare the same spot at the different seasons

ginko avenue of Hokkaido University, both colors look good and I love them ^^
ginko avenue of Hokkaido University, both colors look good and I love them ^^


Hmmm, I just love the colors of autumn, yellow, orange, red, golden, and every trees has its own color, nice view. We do not need flowers to enjoy the colors, the leaves themselves give the beauty ^^

I collect some leaves, after reading the tips about ‘how to preserve autumn leaves for longer time’ 🙂
I will give some tips a try and later check how these leaves will be ^^

Uwww, since it is my second autumn in this city, I decided to stand at the same point I was standing last year and take the same snapshot. Just wanna compare how I look, last year and this year. And, well, I thing I lose one kilo or two, hehe, seems like my hectic ours took a little fat away :)) *will do more practice then, so I can have another slimmer snapshots in next year’s autumn* *girls, please* 😀

yuhuuu, those are some snapshots of my 3 hours walking around Hokudai, really love to have many new collections, and I am now ready for winter *yes I am ready for the blizzards, as long as I keep staying in my room, hehehe*

Sapporo, November 5th, 2012

Deasy, who is refreshed and now ready for another hectic hours in lab., hehehe…


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