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Pengalaman kerja??? – Dsy

abis bongkar2 email lama dan nemu ini, pengalaman berharga 3 tahun lalu 🙂

katanya pengalaman kerja itu penting, dan ini hasilnya kalau mau apply beasiswa Luar Negeri yg minta pengalaman kerja tapi kamu sbg fresh graduate ngotot pengen coba daftar 😀

Jadi pengalaman aja sih, dan biar termotivasi untuk nyari kerja dulu instead of melanglang buana ke jerman sono 😀


3 years ago


Dear Applicant,

You applied for a scholarship from DAAD to take part in the Postgraduate Programme xxx (PPx) 2010/12. The selection board took place Mid December and we are sorry to inform you that you have not been considered for a DAAD-scholarship.

Until October 15th 2009 about 150 applications for a DAAD scholarship were sent either directly to University of xxx or via German Embassy/DAAD. A commission considered each application carefully and came to the conclusion that many applicants were well qualified and most of them had respective professional experience already. Also it was noticed that quite a number of young professionals with a really promising academical background were lacking professional experience in the field of xxx and development and hence could not be selected for DAAD.

Actually it was recommended that these applicants are encouraged to re-apply as self-financing applicants or to re-apply for DAAD-scholarship in the next years after obtaining a higher professional expertise.

As only 6 (!) DAAD-scholarships are available for our programme next year, much to our regret, we had to reject qualified applicants like you. In case you are still interested in participating in our programme, you have to inform us latest until 15.1.2010 that you are interested to apply even without DAAD-scholarship, i.e. as self-financing student or with other funding.

Please send short reply e-mail (including attachment – see below).
Please note that University of xxx can not offer any financial assistance. Additionally you are asked to return the attached application form (if you did not hand in yet) and most important also an officialfinancial statement (which states, that you are willing and able to cover the living and housing expenses during the 18 months programme of approx. 11,5000 Euro and the 3,000 Euro tuition fees as well)

Only in this case the selection committee will re-considered your application in February 2010.

We are looking forward to receive your positive reply including a financial statement that you are able to finance 14,500 € !

Sincerely Yours



Sapporo, 12 Maret 2013

Deasy, yang kembali mengejar mimpi mau ke Jerman, setelah 3 tahun yang panjang ^^


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