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W.H.A.T.E.V.E.R – Dsy

I think I am better being hated for what I am than being loved for what I am not..
I just cannot pretend being a person everyone like and keep my heart regret what I never said..

And this is how I grow up, I was once living a hard life, that made me face the reality, the real reality about, doing my best to get what I wanted to reach..

And this is how I think, when I was once a young girl who struggled even harder, to have what I was dreaming to have..

And this is how I feel, that I honestly say, I don’t mind being different, or being judged as the wrong one, or the bad one, as long as I am doing what I am being sure about, and as long as I know I am doing right, or saying right..

It is about the thing I believe it is, and things I believe it is not..

I am now feeling like, whatever, I really don’t care..

It is like, W.H.A.T.E.V.E.R



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