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Am I too strict? – Dsy

I have been living in Japan for two years, moving in last 2011 and will be here until 2016.
Still long way to go, hard way, harder day, but I keep fighting, ganbarimasu ^^

Coming here after finishing my bachelor was the best decision ever, since I come to think that I am mature enough to live abroad, alone, and keep myself on the path.

I am a moslem woman, growing up in Islamic School, my grandfather was an Islamic teacher, so is my mom.
I was growing up as a normal moslem child, doing normal school, playing around but also used to learn Quran, do prayer, join Masjid activities..
I am just like another woman, who has their own faith, and do their best to work on it..

I thought moving to foreign country was not bad, not hard at all, until the day I first stepped abroad. It was just not that easy. Not as easy as I thought it was.

Simple thing is, I look different 😀
I come here, with my different skin color, different culture, different language, different lifestyle, and I have my hair and body covered, mostly covered 🙂

I know everyone look at me like a real stranger, I hear people talk about my hijab behind me, I hear them mentioning my religion, both in good opinions and bad ones.

And I started getting used to it, I deal with them, putting myself in the same position, just thinking that everyone is different.
I am just another woman, and there many other different people out there…

Other thing is, our food restriction, which seems complicated for everyone.
I have to check the ingredients every single time, understanding the Japanese characters/letters to keep it safe for me to eat or drink, I have to confirm when I wanna eat everywhere, and it looks just too much for some people..

Even my Indonesian friends look at me like ‘Dsy, you are too strict, just relax, don’t keep it too serious, you can just eat it, you can just drink that, bla bla bla..’

And I keep myself as how I did, I check, recheck, confirm and reconfirm..

Some friends keep beside me for whatever the principle I keep, others choose to keep away, and I don’t mind with their acts, they are free to decide, just like me..

Some debates are inevitable since everyone thinks that they are right. I was there. I am there. I am one of them. I think I am doing right.

Am I too strict? Probably yes.. 😀


Speaking of Halal and Haram foods,

For moslem, living in foreign country where we find haram foods and drinks everywhere, seems hard for us to isolate ourselves since we are restricted to eat and drink them all..

Many are curious about the taste, especially when we smell the aroma, just like me 😀
But I keep myself away since it is totally forbidden to do so, InsyaAllah will never give a try, hehe..

Technology grows faster so people can produce new things.
Surprisingly we can easily find non-alcoholic beer or zero alcohol wine nowadays, a chance for us to taste them in ‘halal’ way, then many moslems give them a try, hmm..

The questions are :
– can that ‘zero alcohol’ brand guarantee that they are halal?
– does everyone know and understand about the process in details?
– hmm, have we really consider what halal is, at all?

As for me, reading, learning, and finding many articles, I keep saying to myself, I will never drink them, even if I see that ‘zero-alcohol’ things, with many reasons, my own reasons..

And for everyone out there, you are free to decide, but please do not forget to consider and check everything first, just in case 🙂

– my private opinion, no hurt feelings 🙂 –

Sapporo, April 4th, 2013

Deasy, on the warmer day, when the ice starts melting, and sakura (cherry blossoms) will bloom sooner ^^


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