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My November – Dsy

Time flies. Time passes. Quickly.
And this November ended just now.
I can see snow falling, people walk in their warm winter coat, trees covered by white and white. And I love this season (:

This winter is warm, for me ^^

This November is so wonderful. I have a lot things to thank God about. This November is my another moving point, a turning point of my -umm- stagnant life? (:

In this November..
I start my new research topic, working on something dragging my curiosity..
and yes, I am officially a Phd student, who will fight her another 3 years and come back home with another smile (:
I am gonna do better, for sure. I will read more, I will work harder, I will write better, I promise to do better than I did (:

In this November..
I start my, umm, new lifestyle, well, I am fed up by being me, myself for this -well, let’s say- 20-some years..
I begin having a healthier lifestyle, I start considering my healthy, and I start thinking that this belly fat is not my whole-life-friend, it’s absolutely not, I promise to begin and keep going on doing this new way, I will fix my mindset about myself (:

In this November..
I am officially moved  –  on ((:
I’m feeling sorry for my-terrible-unconscious-self and I know it’s time to, change (:
Frankly saying, I have been moving a while ago, but yes, I sometimes walk back and do that stupid reunion with my memories ((:
Happily me, I turn it and make it real, for sure (:
No more photos, stupid-folders, chat-histories, messages, all burnt, well ((:
So here I am, I’m relief, I can just happily smile while reading books, listening to the music, watching movies, or whatever I am doing, I learn a lot about, letting go. I learn a lot, and I know I’m ready for my refreshed-start (:

In this November..
I am feeling great that I am losing some KGs of my fats, nice fact ((:
Silly pledge but I signed a hard-workout-schedule, must follow!! ((:
I’m not sure how I will be, slimmer, healthier, happier, no idea ((: I only know that I’m doing the right thing, and will keep doing this, and make it better, Bismillah (:

In this November..
I know that I change, a lot, than how I was, years back (:
Seeing my previous some-years, my pictures, my smiles, my diaries, my wallet, my cupboard, my dresses, my friends, my family, I know that things are changing and it will keep being changed..
Things are, we only need to adjust ourselves and fit it to the right place (:

In this November..
or not exactly, but I start to see things, or people from other points of view (:
I’m -not too good, tho- now able to understand people (:
I see things about friendship, I see things about love.
I can see who came, I know who is coming, and I notice who is leaving.
And I’m grateful to see this, that I can smile and let things happen as how it’s supposed to.
I’m grateful for everyone coming to, staying with, and leaving me (:
Pretty sure that there must be reasons for everything we have.

In this November..
I am happy with how I change, I’m just happy with the way I live my life today, and isn’t it what people are fighting for, every day in their life? Changing and fitting themselves to the best place and being happier there?
Then there I am, I am looking at my smiling face and warm heart (:

In this November..
I am doing something really great, for my future.
No clues, but it’s supposed to be a nice thing to do.

It’s my time to fix things. I know I screwed things up, and I cannot guarantee that I won’t do it in the future, but yes, I’m doing my best to keep things good.

Anyway, this is December, still winter, I’m still enjoying this frozen city, and I’m still that unstopable dreamer, who is now having more courage to fight for her bright future.

I believe I will smile a lot in the future. I promise to smile a lot, and do whatever it takes to make this promise kept.

Sapporo, December 1st, 2013

Deasy, in her warm blanket, with her smiles, hopes, and doa ^^


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