My second blog – Dsy

Well, I know that now I do not post frequently, as I did before..
It is mostly due to my busy time at school. Yeah, I’m on the last year of my PhD, and I wish I will complete it by September 2016, Amiin for that..

So, currently, I deal with my project more than I did, and it makes me forget many ‘side’ jobs for a while, including writing stuffs here..

But hey, it is not that I do not write at all, hehe..
Now I decide to split my blog and make it more specific..
I have been planning to write more about science but at the same time worrying that it will make my blog too serious, and seems like it won’t be match my older post which is mostly personal..

So I finally decide to make another blog, focusing on more serious stuffs like my study and research, so this page can be kept being itself, my place to share random stuffs, hahaha..

So if anyone interested in seeing my works and science-related topics, please feel free to step here..
I am still collecting my writings to post, so it’s still so ‘silent’ there. But hey, my baby will be growing, let’s enjoy!!

Sapporo, 4 December 2015

From the Frozen Sapporo, which feels a bit warmer these few days ^^


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