Dsy – Deasy Arisa – デアスィ アリサ

Called Deasy – Dsy – Arisa

An Indonesian. Minangkabau ethnic. Born in Bukittinggi, West Sumatera, Indonesia. Elementary to High School in hometown. Undergraduate School in Padang, Indonesia. Now Graduate School in Hokkaido Japan.

Love Allah. Love Mom. Love Dad. Love smart brain. Love scenery. Love knitting. Love Indonesia. Love crochet. Love rain. Love sharing with best friends. Love Japan. Love seaside. Love photography. Love Science. Love orange. Love Geoscience. Love shopping. Love sea waves. Love chocolate. Love ice cream. Love money. Love cooking. Love foods. Love sleeping. Love movies. Love juices. Love winter. Love autumn. Love spring. Love traveling.

Hate cigarettes. Hate smokes. Hate lies. Hate slippery road on winter. Hate motorcycle. Hate to love spicy food. Hate crowded moment. Hate being lonely. Hate cheater. Hate uncertain status. Hate running. Hate gossiper. Hate politics. Hate being touched. Hate understanding a little. Hate being ignored. Hate waiting.

Afraid of ghost. Afraid of darkness. Afraid of falling. Afraid of death. Afraid of hell. Afraid of being alone. Afraid of being left. Afraid of being unloved. Afraid of getting sick. Afraid of failure.

Want to be success. Want to have a great job. Want to be happy. Want to be a lovely wife. Want to meet my man who has not appeared yet. Want to be a great mom. Want to be loved. Want to love. Want my family’s happiness.

Speak English, Indonesia, Minangkabau. Live in Japan, now trying hard to understand its language. Eager to learn French, without wishing to be there. Wishing to spend several years living in Europe.

Easily get wound, hard to recover, have some unrecoverable scars. Love and hate my eyes.

Been in a crazy love for years, have lots of smiles, laughs and tears. Hardly search a way to move on and now enjoying the great feeling of moving on. Hate to love too much, but enjoy loving.

I am not simple. I am complicated. And I love the complicated one.

I can’t simply say things, I can say ‘I love You’ only in ten pages of words. I speak louder, faster, longer. But I walk slower.

I used to wake up late but now arranging a very nice bedtime because of the morning Japanese class. I don’t like going to bed early. I don’t like ones mock my size. I don’t like being under-pressure. I don’t like being judged without being known. I don’t like talking about my privacy.


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